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how it works

Mei Shual is the ideal partner that provide end to end solutions for our customers through formula, manufacturing and packaging.  PASSION, LISTENING, ACCOUTABILITY enable not only the flexibility of our service but also the success with our customers.

Have a look on our service procedures!

01 Concept and request from customer:

Project initiation, consultation, quotation 


02 Formulation:

Large selection of market-ready formulas that could be modified on request. OR create new formula based on customer's need, product benefits and texture that required


03 Regulatory:

Laboratory test and regulation check, smooth the later product registration process


04 Packaging:

Design, molding, large selection of ready to go packaging, decoration 


05 Production: Compounding, filling, final assembly & packing 


06 QC & QA:

IQC (In-Coming Quality Control > IPQC (In-Production Quality Control)> FQC (Final Quality Control) > OQC (Outgoing Quality Control)


07 Delivery and after-sales service

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